Electricity Supply in Remote Areas: How To Maximise The Wattage

by Christine
Electricity Supply in Remote Areas: How To Maximise The Wattage
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We live in a time of uncertain power supplies, here in Australia. This is due to the nation’s stubborn resistance to change and vested interests influencing conservative governments. Coal powered energy is outdated, and we should be embracing renewable energy sources, but there are still despicable politicians dancing to the tune of the coal mining industry. They run an outdated scare campaign about the risk of renewables and lazy thinking laps it up in regional areas. Electricity supply in remote areas: How to maximise the wattage remains a pertinent question because of this backward thinking in the bush.

Power Blackouts Have Been Prevalent in Regional Areas

Power blackouts have been prevalent in recent years due to the privatisation of power companies and their bad behaviour in relation to the grid. The politicians promised that privatisation would make energy bills cheaper, but the private sector did not deliver, focusing on their own profits instead. It has been a familiar story all over the globe, as the greed of the corporate sector eclipses any sort of social responsibility. However, you do not want your smoke alarm to be off, ever because house fires do not wait for anyone or anything. Electricity supply in remote areas: How to maximise the wattage is a case by case affair.

Families Rely on Steady Power in the Home

They say that a renovated bathroom with fancy lighting can use too much power but it all depends upon the electrical circuit board and the home’s set up. A good electrician can sort out most problems you may have at home or at your business premises. In this high-tech age, the last thing you want is dodgy power in the home. Families rely on steady power and plenty of plugs in every room in the house. Heaven forbid if your kids cannot connect to the internet or charge their devices in the 21C. You may well find yourself as a parent facing intervention from social services for being a neglectful carer in the home.

It reminds me of the time I took the kids on a holiday to a seaside village and we booked very basic accommodation. I will never live down the incessant complaints I received from my children not being able to access the power needed to run their numerous devices. We live in a time of technological innovation, which is dependent upon reliable and abundant power supplies. Australia needs to get its act together and put down dinosaurs like Tony Abbott and his ilk for ever more.